How Did I Choose A Fish Finder

I absolutely love fishing. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s a great way for me to stay in touch with nature while bonding with my family. Here’s the story of my experience taking a trip to the Florida Keys and fishing for swordfish and grouper.

The group heading out was me, my wife Michelle and my two dogs (Larry and Moe). We were going to meet up with my dad, who lives down there. He and I have been fishing together since forever. The dogs absolutely love the water–they’re always out there with me and their favorite thing to do is to jump into the water and swim around as soon as they can.

Michelle was feeling kind of tired the first morning, so she ended up staying back that day. My dad and I headed out on the ocean on a beautiful, bright morning. There were puffy cirrus clouds in the sky, and the ocean reflected the sky as a slightly deeper blue. The sun glittered dazzlingly on the water, which was very calm. What a beautiful day to be out!

how did i choose a fish finder

First we had to catch some bait fish. After using our trusty fish finder to identify where the best fish would be, we cast our big net and drew it back in. There were lots of fish, and they were a perfect size! We whooped for joy when we realized the fish finder had worked perfectly, since it was only our third time using it.

There was a bird out there who landed on our boat, clearly exhausted and stranded out there with heavy winds. He was skinny and I wanted to help him get back to land, so I caught him without much resistance and put him in a box to stay safe until we could bring him back. We also saw dolphins swimming alongside the boat, and laughed when we joked that they were fishing, too.

Our fish finder located a decent-sized swordfish swimming near the boat. That was what we were looking for, and he bit! We caught him! We whooped again. He was going to be delicious. We headed back immediately because we wanted to keep the fish cold.

When we got back, Larry and Moe were barking with excitement. We let the bird go and he seemed perfectly fine! Then, with the dogs watching and licking their chops (they wanted some!), I filleted the fish and put it on ice in the cooler, planning to cook some of it a few hours later. We grilled swordfish steaks, and wow, what a delicious fish.

The next day, we went out in search of grouper. Luckily, Michelle was feeling better, so she came with us too. After some searching, the fish finder once again did its job perfectly. We successfully caught several grouper using a mechanical reel (because groupers are deeper and we were reeling them in from thousands of feet). The grouper were at least as big as my torso! Michelle was proud to say she caught the biggest one, which was about four feet long.

lowrance elite 5 hdi fish finderWithout the fish finder, we would not have been nearly as successful as we were. I can’t overemphasize how valuable these devices are.

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