Packing Cool Refreshments For A Summer Beach Party

For anyone who lives near a beach, the summer is the very best time of the year. School is out, there is no stress of homework or quizzes, and all you have to do is to hang out with your friends at the beach and have a good time. However, we all know hanging out at the beach can get a little hot and de-hydrating. An easy way to fix this quandary when you next host a beach party in the summer is to host it with style and have multiple ice chests full of all sorts of cool and yummy snacks!

There are several fun things to pack that all your friends enjoy and would make your party a success. If making multiple items is too much for you, you can collaborate with your close friends and delegate some of the ideas to them.

  • Drinks

cooled drinks in coolerThe first and most obvious thing to pack are drinks; these should include an assortment of water bottles, juices and sodas. Everyone has their own taste and so the more the variety, the happier the party. Depending on the size of your party, you can decide on the size of the cooler that you need; more people equals bigger cooler and vice versa. Also, ensure before starting to pack all the items that you have enough of each item. If your party is large, be sure to buy a generous amount of ice, water, juices and soda cans.

Start by placing a layer of ice at the bottom, not too thick nor too thin, but still a generous size. Lay down the water bottles on this first layer because the people are sure to want water at the end when they have taken part in beach activities. Then form another layer of ice, and put a mix of juice and soda cans and repeat the process till your cooler is full. Make sure to have ice as the top layer so that coolness remains compact from top to bottom.

  • Ice Lollies

Ice LolliesIf you are assigning each snack to a different friend, then for this snack you will need a small to medium sized ice chest. You or your friend can buy store made ice lollies or, alternately, you can get some fun out of this task and make some ice lollies of your own. There are several different recipes, tips and tricks that you could follow to make unique ice lollies that both look and taste fun. Some examples include ice lollies made from clear soda and jelly candies, or interchangeably with fruit juice and fruit chunks.

Once you have decided on the recipe and made the ice lollies to perfection, you can now start to pack them in to the ice chest. For these the best way is to make a thick bed of ice in the chest and then place the ice lollies still in their moulds into the chest. Then toss a whole lot of ice on top of them so they remain very compactly cool and do not get any chance of melting at all. An important tip to remember is to set up your food and snacks in a shaded area, which can be scarce at the beach so you might want to look into making a temporary one up for yourself.

  • Freezies

These are called different names in different places, but are essentially a tear-able plastic tube filled with flavored liquid which you freeze and then consume. They are basically a stick-less version of ice lollies and are enjoyed in copious amounts by youths and adults alike in the summer. These require a little prep work as well as they come in liquid form and then you freeze as many as you need as per your requirement.

Make an estimate of the number of people coming to your party and how many freezies will be needed depending on that figure. Freeze that many tubes the night before the party, so they are rock solid and fully frozen by the time that you need to pack them and take them to the beach. The ideal way to pack these is also to have layers of ice and the tubes in your cooler. Start as before with a layer of ice and then pile up the freezies, and continue alternating the two, until the cooler is brim full.

  • Snow Cones

Snow ConesEverybody loves snow cones in the winter, when really they are so much more appropriate for the summers as well. The trick to having snow cones in the summer is to have a whole lot ice and crush it in your chopper. There are also snow cone machines to be found which crush the ice for you just the right way; depending on your preference you can opt for either option. You need to also put in some prep work in order to have that crushed ice prepared in advance and packed away. However, if you can arrange a power outlet at the beach, then you could even crush the ice on the spot.

There are some other accessories that you need to pack when planning to make snow cones. You need a few varieties of syrup at hand so different flavors of snow cones can be made according to everyone’s tastes. These would do well to be stored in the ice chest as well so that they remain cool. If left outside they would get warm and when mixed with the snow, they would cause it to melt a lot quicker. You would also need cones to put them in so everyone can hold them easily and eat them.

A summer beach party can be very low maintenance as there is no worrying about the activities to plan out because there is so much to do at the beach at all times. You also do not need to worry about food in the way you would for an average party, as at the beach all anyone wants is something light and refreshing, and a lot of fun!